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The first amendment of the constitution stipulates the prohibition of any law respecting the establishment of religion. This is the counter argument for the pro-life individuals who use religion as an argument to fight against abortion. According to people, there is no specific evidence found in the bible that shuns abortion. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that a soul is created the moment of conception. Other traditions teach that the soul enters the baby at which it begins to move.

On, Tom Head states that in the chapter  Exodus  of the Bible “When people who are fighting injure a pregnant woman causing a miscarriage but no further harm follows, the one responsible shall be fined what the woman's husband demands, paying as much as the judges determine.” (Exodus 21:22)  In today’s society, this means is if a woman is involuntarily harm and loses her baby, the person responsible will be fined and imprisoned. If the woman and the baby die, then it is double homicide because the mother was carrying a developing life.

What if the cause of the pregnancy is rape? Isn’t rape inhuman, intolerable and disgraceful enough to be deemed as an appropriate cause for abortion? Does the woman or child in question also have to physiologically suffer from giving birth and then raise a baby fathered by a sexual predator? In 2008, (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah) had a total of 33,000 number of abortions in cases of rape, this is morally and ethically wrong, is a woman’s only justice the imprisonment of her abuser? The choice of abortion is  hard for every individual. There will always be unique and substantial circumstances which cause a woman to terminate her pregnancy.


In some cases this choice is actually the only thing standing between life and death of a woman.  According to the article “Reasons given for having abortions in the United States,” seven states (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah) had a total of 76,390 maternal physical health problems which resulted in abortions (Jonton, case #2)

Some teenagers, for example, that are not developed enough for them to carry a child, the risk of their death is five times higher than normal. The odds are not very reassuring, and after all, the USA is quit renown for its teenage pregnancy, there is a TV show on the subject.

The life cycle of a human being begins with an embryo which then develops in to a fetus and late a baby. To some an embryo is not much more than a cell, at this point, killing it would be like killing an ant. The same thing can be said for disposing of an unwanted fetus. It should not be considered murder if the subject of action isn’t capable of seeing or thinking during the time of termination.

Laws against abortion night not change the number of woman that go thru with the procedure, it might just elevates the number of women that die during the procedure. Wither it legal or not, the only major difference is the safety of the operation and comfort of the woman. Might as well keep the procedure legal and keep more women alive and happy.

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